Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A little glass goes a long way, especially in a small, frequently used space like your bathroom. Glass shower doors are fantastic investments that truly breathe new life into bathrooms, and your resale value will reflect this improvement. At Glass Doctor® of McCook, we want to help you bring your dream bathroom to life with custom glass upgrades. Learn more about our customization options and you schedule your free in-home consultation with a local glass specialist today!

Benefits of Custom Glass Showers

Glass doesn't block light, trap bacteria or time warp your bathroom with outdated trends. Unlike acrylic doors and plastic shower curtains, custom glass shower doors will actually open up and transform the room you use every day, maximizing your existing light flow and replacing your dated and porous surfaces with the timeless look and easy-to-clean appeal of glass. Thanks to all our customization options at Glass Doctor of McCook, it's also easy to enhance your privacy, ventilation, and overall decor with personalized details such as edges, tints and custom frames. We recommend custom glass shower doors for bathrooms with odd dimensions or angles, unique fixtures you want to match, and oversized spaces that need heavy duty glass. We will determine the right weight, thickness, etching, tints and mounting options for your particular bathroom.

Our Shower Ventilation Options

Moisture build-up is bad for your bathroom, causing everything from unsightly stains to unsafe mold and bacteria growth. When we install your new bathroom glass, we will also work with you to identify potential ventilation problems, upgrade your current drainage and ventilation system, and determine the correct placement of all your shower or tub fixtures. Our specialists will consider the positions of your glass and showerhead as we plan your installation, making sure water doesn't spray out and cause unnecessary waste. We will also perform a comprehensive ventilation analysis and install a steam room kit if you want to improve your moisture control.

Our Shower Glass Protection Options

We recommend a coat of Clear Choice™ with every glass shower door installation. Use our exclusive treatment for all the glass and silica-based surfaces in your bathroom. This patented glass protectant lasts for up to five years, providing a shiny and hygienic barrier that makes your glass surfaces glossier and easier to clean. Clear Choice wicks away water, oil, and soap while absorbing the impact of everyday force and resisting scratches and stains. It's a great way to protect new glass shower doors and tub enclosures.

Bathroom Improvement

Glass Shower Door Idea Center

Glass Doctor provides several services to kick-start your imagination while gathering ideas, including:

When you opt to have our team install your new bathroom addition, you can be sure our measurements will be precise and you will have an accurate price before you purchase. Consider our various shower door and tub creation resources to help you plan your new piece. Call on our team today to discover the difference beautiful glass shower doors and tub enclosures will make in your home!