Custom Mirrors

Choose one of our custom mirrors to give every room of your Red Willow County home a sophisticated yet inviting appearance. Glass Doctor® of McCook has a wide range of customized accent pieces that are a beautiful way to decorate interior spaces. From full wall coverage to smaller custom accent pieces, our specialists show you how to make the most of natural light to create a warm aesthetic that has the added benefit of reducing energy costs.

Add Beauty with Custom Mirrors

Our custom mirror professionals know that creating the illusion of space with mirrors is a classic designer trick that works every time. They will expertly guide you through the custom mirror creation process, which will express your personal style with the placement of custom mirrors.

Create a Deeper Space

Perfect for small bedrooms, baths or offices, a mirrored wall will visually double a room's space. Custom mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space while reflecting light throughout a room. Strategically placed, mirrors are a great choice for making your rooms seem bigger and more grand.

Request an in-home consultation with our custom glass specialists. They're happy to give you expert advice on style, size and placement of a new mirror piece. We love showing you the latest custom mirror tips and tricks.

  • To create the illusion of higher ceilings, use full-sized mirrors on a far wall.
  • Trick the eye into seeing a window by placing framed rectangular mirrors at one end of a patio. It will give the illusion that the area extends beyond the wall.
  • If your kitchen sink isn't located below a window, create the illusion of one by hanging a mirror custom cut to fit an interesting frame above the sink instead.
  • Use floor-to-ceiling mirrors on a wardrobe or wall to immediately double the size of a room.
  • In the bath, use full-size mirrors to reflect light.

Glass Doctor of McCook offers a wide range of custom mirror options, including unique finishes, edges, shapes and tints, all of which add exciting visual interest to every room.

Enhance with Natural Light

Hung opposite a picture window, a room's natural light can be enhanced by adding one or two mirrors. Try these ideas to get the same effect:

  • Place bedroom mirrors between windows to brighten and enlarge the room.
  • Mount custom mirrors near bedside lamps or wall sconces to further spread their light.

Impress with Mirrors

We will cut any custom mirror you want, and we'll frame it for you, too! Use mirrored shelving to display collectibles or photographs. Ask our experts to fit a mirror behind built-in shelves to give a 360-degree view of artworks. We recommend homeowners install custom-cut mirrors on storage cabinets to add elegance to a bathroom.

Custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of McCook are a fantastic way to add character to your Red Willow County home. Begin creating a more inviting and expressive home by scheduling a free in-home consultation today. We look forward to meeting you and discussing all your custom mirror needs.