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Clear Choice Protectant

Any glass in your home will look better with the addition of Clear Choice™ protectant. With one professional application of this highly effective treatment, specialists from Glass Doctor® of McCook will keep your glass gleaming for up to five years. Clear Choice also offers the same high level of protection for granite, tile, and other silica-based surfaces.

Protect Every Surface

Your home's surfaces are repeatedly exposed to oils, dirt, minerals, and hard water many times a day. It doesn't take long for these contaminants to take their toll on your kitchen countertops, bathroom glass shower doors and sliding glass doors. Overtime your surfaces will look dingy, stained and spotted. They will become hard to clean and lose their luster.

The ideal time to have Clear Choice applied is when you're getting a new glass product, but it can also be used effectively on existing surfaces. After Clear Choice glass treatment is applied, your windows, sinks, toilets and countertops will stay cleaner, longer.

Protect Your Investment

Clear Choice glass treatment was developed specifically for Glass Doctor to protect glass products from daily wear. It works in much the same way that a no-stick pan does, making water and oil glide off the surface the way food glides off a coated pan. This keeps your glass and other surfaces from becoming sticky and attracting the dirt and grime that cause stains and scratches.

Benefits of Clear Choice Glass Treatment

Clear Choice offers the following advantages:

  • Cuts down household chores: You'll have to clean less often. When you do clean, it will be easier and quicker than before, letting you avoid the backbreaking scrubbing that's normally required.
  • Reduces mold and bacteria: Surfaces will be protected against bacteria and mold that can easily thrive in a moist, humid environment like a bathroom.
  • Keeps surfaces beautiful: Your glass and other treated surfaces will maintain their beauty for longer, staying resistant to stains, scratches, weathering, and water spots. They'll also maintain an ultra-smooth, glossy surface.
  • No harsh chemical residue: You won't need to use harsh chemicals that could harm your family and the environment to achieve the cleanliness you desire.
  • Long lasting: The benefits last for up to five years after one application.

To find out more about Clear Choice, contact Glass Doctor of McCook today. We can provide lasting protection for your existing glass, tile, granite, and other surfaces. Count on our team for quality glass care, everyday!