Advance Measurement System

Reducing expenditures and streamlining maintenance procedures increases business profitability. By limiting the amount you spend on upkeep and repairs, Glass Doctor® of McCook delivers proactive glass care solutions for area businesses and commercial property owners. Our Advanced Measurement System and In-Stock options generate measurable savings on your operating expenses and maintenance costs, providing professional vendor solutions that improve your bottom line.

Advanced Measurement System

Our innovative process involves proactive glass care service that reduces business disruptions caused by glass damage. Accidents or deliberate vandalism create security and safety issues that require an immediate solution. With our Advanced Measurement system, orchestrating a speedy fix is easy.

Our professionals take detailed measurements of the glass used in your facility. Along with storefront, window, and door glass specifications, we also make notes concerning interior glass items such as shelving and display units, sliding glass partitions and two-way mirrors.

The information is transferred to a diagram that labels each piece for simplified reference, and we keep a copy in your account file that includes additional technical information. When damages occur, the diagram eliminates any guesswork, reducing the time required for repair.

Improved Emergency Service

Armed with the correct information, our specialists cross-reference your item with those in our inventory. If the piece is available, we conduct a complete replacement on the first visit. However, if the item is unavailable, we immediately order a replacement and initiate the board-up process to reestablish building security.

For specialty glass items, our In-Stock option allows you to forego the board-up process. Pre-purchase impact-resistant glass storefronts, low-emissivity (Low-E) window and door glass, or similar specialty items. We'll keep your glass stocked in our inventory until it's required.

Additional Benefits of Preemptive Care

Our proactive glass care services offer a host of business advantages. Benefits include:

  • By pre-purchasing replacement items through our In-Stock option, you lock in your replacement glass costs
  • Condensed repair times that limit the cost of business interruptions
  • Streamlined vendor processing; we perform all compliance and vetting paperwork
  • Pre-establish credit and billing procedures and simplify expense allocation with professional account set-up
  • Lower your potential liability to employees and customers by eliminating board-up construction
  • Priority scheduling for emergency repairs, conducted day or night
  • Upgrade existing glass in order to lower your monthly energy use

Initiate your proactive glass care service today by contacting Glass Doctor of McCook to schedule your free business consultation.