Clear Choice Protectant

Glass and other surfaces in your home such as shower doors and tub enclosures provide ideal locations for the accumulation of mineral deposits soap scum, shampoo and chemicals. Eventually, this residue buildup traps dirt and bacteria, which makes it a real challenge to clean surfaces effectively and causes fading. Glass Doctor®/sup> of Lynnwood offers Clear Choice™ as an effective solution to solve this problem. Application of this super-thin and transparent glass coating to windows, sinks, toilets, countertops and other objects makes every surface in your bathroom, kitchen and other spaces water and oil-resistant, ultimately making your home more attractive.

Protect Your Investment

Often referred to as lime scale, hard water stains consist of minuscule, white mineral deposits that form as a result of alkaline that builds up in hard water. These stains cover the surface of granite, glass, ceramic tile and other objects, which diminish the beauty of the finish. Glass Doctor of Lynnwood glass care experts can apply our Clear Choice glass treatment to these surfaces, which helps maintain the appearance, protect the face and keep it looking like new.

A single application of Clear Choice creates a durable scratch, stain and water-resistant layer of protection for up to five years. This patented product guards against a wide variety of undesirable conditions, including:

  • Weathering
  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Other environmental contaminants

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Lynnwood glass can apply this innovative protective shield to existing and new surfaces. The treatment will enhance your maintenance efforts and prolong the beauty of the surface finish.

The Clear Choice Advantage

Many objects and interior surfaces in the home can benefit from the Clear Choice glass treatment. The formula is also suitable for preserving exterior surfaces, including patio glass tops and specialty accessories. The pros of the Clear Choice glass care solution includes:

  • Creates water- and-oil resistant surfaces on glass and other items
  • Reduces hard water stains
  • Inhibits hard water etching
  • Minimizes soap scum
  • Hinders mold and mildew
  • Reduces cleaning requirements
  • Maintain glossy surfaces

The Clear Choice glass treatment helps you maintain, store and protect many of the surfaces in your home. Keep the bathroom and other space in your home. Learn more about how you can keep the many diverse surfaces in your bathroom and other spaces gleaming and attractive. Contact Glass Doctor of Lynnwood. Our glass treatment experts are ready to provide you Clear Choice glass treatment as well as other glass repair and replacement services for your home and business.