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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield damage is usually sudden, always frustrating and occasionally expensive to fix, especially if repairs are put off for too long. The auto glass repair experts at Glass Doctor® of Long Beach understand how important your vehicle is to your lifestyle, which is why we offer onsite windshield repair service.

A windshield is designed to provide structural support for the vehicle as well as to stand up to the stress of daily traveling. Windshields contain two layers of glass, which encase an inner layer of automotive safety glass. This inner layer holds the outer laminated glass together, even in the event of damage, which is why windshields don’t shatter when struck. 

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Benefits of a Quick Windshield Repair

If your windshield was recently damaged, the Glass Doctor specialists will assess the windshield and make most automotive window repairs in well under an hour. Here are a few good reasons to have your windshield examined and repaired as soon as possible by a Glass Doctor of Long Beach specialist:

  • If not repaired quickly, small chips or cracks expand, requiring full windshield replacement.
  • Depending on your insurance coverage, the windshield repair may cost you little to nothing. Our team will file the necessary insurance paperwork for you.
  • Glass Doctor of Long Beach performs repairs at your work, home or in our fully equipped shop.
  • Our windshield specialists use only the finest materials and techniques in restoring your windshield to its original quality.

A Glass Doctor windshield expert will clean the damaged area of your windshield and remove any debris from the impact area. A drill may be used to smooth any jagged edges, air and foreign matter will be vacuumed out of the break and resin is injected into the area, cured and polished. Resulting in a nearly invisible repair.

Benefits of a Windshield Replacement

Cracks, dings and chips may look small, but every mile spent on the road without attention puts added stress on a windshield. The success or failure of automotive window repair varies based on the age of the damage, the amount of contamination in the crack, the size and depth of the damage and its location on the windshield.

Windshield chips of about one inch in diameter and cracks up to about three inches long are usually good candidates for a quick and easy repair. However, even small windshield injuries or multiple cracks will become enlarged under normal driving conditions, which often makes replacement inevitable. Our specialists replace windshields with parts matching your vehicle's original quality. Plus, Glass Doctor of Long Beach offers a 12-month, G12® Windshield Breakage Guarantee. This warranty protects your new windshield against normal road hazards.

Damage that usually involves a windshield replacement includes:

  • A crack that is right at or close to the edge of the windshield.
  • A small chip near the windshield’s edge that has started to crack.
  • Cracks on the inside layer of a windshield.
  • Any damage that interferes with the driver’s line of sight.
  • Cracks with a spider web appearance or multiple cracks.
  • Deep damage that penetrates both layers of glass

A crack, chip or ding in your windshield won't go away, but if you act quickly, our specialists can repair it. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Long Beach will see to it that all of the glass in your life is the best it can be, whether you need a new install, a repair or a professional replacement. Checkout our special offers and schedule your appointment today!