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Emergency Business Glass Services

When glass breaks, your business shouldn't have to wait for a solution. Sharp shards are a safety hazard, and cracked or missing glass doesn't exactly attract new business. Glass Doctor® of Long Beach will make sure your business is sealed and safe, no matter when the damage happens. Our specialists are always on call to provide emergency business glass repair services.

Call Us for Emergency Repairs

From door glass to floor-to-ceiling storefront windows, your glass installations are often responsible for keeping your property sealed. If a pane breaks overnight, your business and its inventory are immediately compromised, and you risk energy waste and weather damage. Fortunately, Glass Doctor of Long Beach is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency business glass repair.

Our on-call specialists will bring a mobile unit to your business as soon as possible, so that you'll be ready in time to open as planned. We will sweep up any pieces of glass or debris from the surrounding area, repair panes when possible, board up any exposed windows to restore your seal and take precise measurements in order to order a proper replacement.

Your business is your livelihood, and we know it's important to reverse the damage quickly. Glass Doctor of Long Beach is also a locally owned business, and we take your repairs seriously. When you call for emergency business glass repair, we'll make sure to leave the site cleaner than we found it, keep your intact panes safe, and order your replacement immediately.

Plan Ahead for Faster Replacements

Our Advanced Measurement system is designed to help local business owners to get back to work as soon as possible. If your storefront is particularly vulnerable to damage, or if you want to be prepared in case it happens for the first time, sign up for this convenient system. Glass Doctor of Long Beach will send a specialist to your business to measure and document all the glass installations on your property.

After we add these measurements to a diagram of your business, we keep the information on file in order to retrieve it quickly in case of an emergency. Just report the damage as soon as it happens, and we'll reference the corresponding panes to look up the exact size and type of replacement glass you need. If we have the right glass in stock, we skip the board-up altogether and replace your broken pane right away.

Join Our Commercial Care Program

If your business has a glass storefront or custom glass installations, you may have multiple maintenance, repair or replacement needs in the future. Glass Doctor of Long Beach offers a Commercial Care program for repeat commercial customers, and if you become a member, you'll get first priority for emergency business glass repairs. You'll also enjoy discounts and exclusive prices on all services, and a commercial account makes it easy to set up appointments. Call us at 310-329-2300 to learn more.