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Door Closer Repair Service

Give customers a great first impression as soon as they decide to enter your South Bay-area business with doors that open smoothly. Glass Doctor¨ of Long Beach ensure your doors operate safely, allowing you to provide excellent customer service from the moment anyone enters the building.

What Door Closers Do

Door closers make non-automatic doors easy for anyone to open, no matter the original weight of the door. The mechanisms within the closer softly shuts the door as soon as an individual stops pushing or pulling it. The right door closer care services ensure that a user feels a bit of resistance when opening the door, which is indicative of the door's weight, before it swings open smoothly. Upon releasing the door, the door closer returns it to its frame.

When to Seek Door Closer Care

  • Wrong door closer: Heavy doors require different door closers than those that are lighter in weight. Installing the wrong type of door closer risks and employee customer safety, might damage the door, or lead to misalignments.
  • Improper installation and adjustments: Always hire an expert for all door closer care services. Our team deftly handles every installation, spring adjustment and maintenance call. Using an experienced specialist from Glass Doctor of Long Beach for your door closer needs maximizes the door and door closer's lives and prevents doorframe damage, unexpected door movements and misalignments.
  • Door does not lock smoothly: Misalignments and other door closer-related problems might make a door difficult to lock, compromising the security of your Los Angeles County business. If the problem persists, you might need to repair or replace the door closer, doorframe and locking mechanism.
  • Low lubricant levels and broken seals: The seals in door closers protect the hardware within it. If you see a new clearance gap, the door closer's seal broke, leaving it vulnerable to hardware damage and lubricant leaks. If you notice lubricant dripping from the door closer, this may be indicative of broken seals, broken O-rings or a missing screw.

Door Closer Care Services

Always hire an experienced specialist from Glass Doctor of Long Beach to perform door closer installations, adjustments, maintenance and repairs. Attempting to perform these jobs on your own could void it or the door's warranty. Proudly serving business in Torrance, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach and the surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Long Beach has the answers for all your door closer and glass needs. Contact us to set up a complimentary on-site consultation.