Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choiceк glass treatment protects all your bathroom's surfaces. In addition to sealing glass shower doors and tub enclosures, Clear Choice works on countertops, sinks, toilets, windows and other surfaces. There's no need to scrub or use harsh cleaners when specialists from Glass Doctor of London® have applied water- and oil-repellent Clear Choice to your home's vulnerable surfaces. When water and oil can't settle on a finish, they can't leave dirt and grime there. The end result is less soap scum buildup and fewer hard water stains.

Protect Your Home

With time, hard water stains destroy the beauty of your home's glass, tile, granite and porcelain. But with one professional application of Clear Choice glass treatment, these surfaces will be protected. Our product creates a high-tech barrier on your silica-based surfaces, which will last up to five years after application. This patented solution helps your glass resist scratches, stains and weathering, and you'll see less damage caused by hard water, mineral deposits and environmental pollutants, too. Plus, Clear Choice makes your surfaces easy to wipe clean.

Benefits of Clear Choice Glass Treatment

Savvy homeowners know Clear Choice restores, protects and maintains many surfaces in your bathroom. After a Glass Doctor of London specialists applies it to your fixtures, the pieces will need fewer cleanings because the buildup of mold and bacteria is diminished. Clear Choice glass treatment helps your surfaces resist stains, impacts and scratches, and over time they'll suffer less etching from hard water. The treatment gives your surfaces a lush, beautiful gloss that's sure to improve the aesthetic of your space. Plus, unlike some products on the market, Clear Choice is environmentally friendly.

Count on Our Expertise

Keep your bathroom looking its best with a single visit from Glass Doctor of London. We will banish staining and hours of scrubbing. Order an application of Clear Choice or ask for it when we install a new tub enclosure or shower door in your home. We are happy to talk with you about Clear Choice and our various glass installation, replacement and repair services. We know you won't be disappointed with the results!