Pane Improvement on a Large Scale

If people stay in your building overnight, your windows play a big role in their comfort and safety. At Glass Doctor® of London, we know the right windows inspire glowing reviews and lower energy bills, and our specialists will help you figure out which options are best for your building. Whether you manage a hotel or run a hospital, it's important to keep your glass panes up-to-date and invest in protective options that improve everyone's experiences.

Let Hospital Patients Rest

Restful sleep is very important for recovery and rehabilitation, and sensitive medical equipment often requires certain temperatures to stay effective. It's important to have control over the temperatures of your patients' rooms, as well as the amount of light that enters them. Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are designed to reduce glares and temperature transfer, making them ideal upgrades for hospital patients who need their rest.

As you choose your hospital windows or browse your upgrade options, consider protective additions such as window tinting to reduce sunlight. Our home and business window tint options at Glass Doctor of London are designed to block certain percentages of sunlight, allowing you to choose tints that match your patients' needs and ensure cool, dark rooms in which to heal.

Impress Your Hotel Guests

Hotel guests care more about noise, cleanliness, and temperature than anything else that affects their stay. Of course, if they pay a premium for luxury accommodations or book rooms with scenic views, they also expect upscale amenities and polished, modern surfaces throughout their rooms. Good views are more likely to generate positive reviews and photos. Give every guest a clear, clean view with floor-to-ceiling windows and balcony door glass.

You also want to keep guests comfortable without spending too much money on air conditioning and soundproofing. Energy-efficient windows, such as Low-E or double pane insulated glass units, will drastically improve insulation and reduce the amount of noise that reaches your guests' ears. As your upgraded windows prevent temperature transfer and provide scenic views of their surroundings, your guests will also enjoy quieter evenings and more restful sleep during their stays.

Invest in Window Tints and Treatments

After your new glass panes are in place, give each window a final upgrade with a window tint that reduces glares and a glass treatment that reduces maintenance needs. At Glass Doctor of London, we offer a variety of window tint and treatment options. Our exclusive Clear Choice™ glass protectant will resist water and scuffs for up to five years, making it easier for your custodial staff to keep windows as clean as they were on Day One.

Call us today to learn more about our custom windows and protective treatments for hospitality and hotel facilities.