How do double pane windows improve energy efficiency?

The recovery of the housing market in the last eight years led to a new trend in home purchasing: a desire for older homes. Once seen as money pits that required thousands of dollars to make the house livable, home buyers are beginning to see the benefits of the older structures.


One of the biggest selling points of older homes is that they have “character” or uniqueness that you cannot find with newer homes. Many modern home designs follow cookie cutter trends and are meant to be built with as little variation. Older homes tend to reflect the history and spirit of the area, giving them a personal feel.


In general, older homes cost less per square foot than newer homes of the exact same size. Builders and home sellers are not trying to recoup their expenses and pass the costs on to you with a high sell price.


When you purchase a new home, you must rely on the quality of the craftsmanship and the integrity of the builder to ensure your home will not fall apart as soon as you move in. With an older home, disclosure documents will reveal if the home has a history of flood damage, roofing problems, and a host of other potentially expensive repairs.

The one issue that makes an older home less attractive than a new construction is energy efficiency. A home built 50 years ago does not have the same energy saving features as one built in the last 10. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of London has an affordable solution with double pane windows.

What are double pane windows?

Double pane windows are constructed with two pieces of glass with an inert gas in the space between the panes. The glass is air tight, so the gas cannot escape.

How do double pane windows improve energy efficiency?

The windows improve your home’s efficiency by reducing the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior panes. When the temperature outside is high, heat transfer can leech cool air out of your home through the windows, causing your air conditioner to run and increasing your energy costs. With double pane windows, the heat transfer does not occur, because the gas insulates your window. The process also works in reverse, allowing you to keep your home warm, even when the air outside is cold.

Glass Doctor of London also uses low-emissivity (low-e) windows to improve energy efficiency. Our low-e glass reflects UV rays and reduces the transmission of heat into your home, while retaining the benefits of natural light.

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