Childproof Your Home for Summer

In June, your kids are home after a long school year, and preschool may be out. They're ready to play and explore, but parents need to make sure their home is safe for children in summer. Glass Doctor® of London has easy tips to help you keep your little ones safe.

Decrease Mildew and Germs

In summer, heat and humidity can cause surfaces to accrue mildew far more quickly than they normally would. Our Clear Choice™ Protectant removes germs and mildew on surfaces. Clear Choice works on glass, porcelain, tile, granite and other surfaces throughout your home. With just one Clear Choice glass treatment, the surface repels water, and accrues less dirt, hard water deposits, environmental pollutants and mildew. Your home will be cleaner and filled with less mildew and mold, and you and your children will breathe easy.

Stay Safe with Tempered Glass

When traditional glass breaks, it turns to shards that are hard to find and slice through skin. But tempered glass, sometimes called safety glass, receives special thermal or chemical glass treatment, so it breaks less easily. When it does break, rather than breaking into big pieces, the glass cracks but holds its form. If shards do come loose, they're safe chunks, not dangerous shards.

You may be familiar with tempered glass from your windshield or other auto glass. But tempered glass works well throughout the home in glass coffee tables or china cabinets.

Safety in the Tub

A hot bath may be comfy, but a child's skin is very sensitive. Turn down your home's water heater to 48.8 degrees Celsius to protect children from scalding. Always make sure you test a bathtub's water before putting your child in.

Never leave small children attended in the tub. Just one moment alone can be dangerous. Also make sure that all appliances, like hair dryers or radios, are unplugged or placed where they can't fall into the tub.

If you're looking for more ways to keep your child safe during summer, contact us for a free consultation. We'll make sure your home's glass is child-safe, and that you and your child can have a happy, safe summer.