National Accounts Program

When you have a business with branches across the country, you want to work with companies that can provide you with the same services at every one of your locations. When it comes to glass needs, we have you covered. Glass Doctor® of Little Rock is one of more than 260 branches across the U.S. and Canada, and at every location, we offer consistent quality and efficiency. Best of all, we have a program in place to simplify the process for businesses - National Accounts. When you become a national business repair accounts customer, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Standard Costs: Same service, same cost, no matter where you are based.
  • Membership Pricing: Receive between a 10 and 30% discount for volume pricing at every branch.
  • Centralized Dispatching: Call our toll-free 800 number at all your locations — there is no need to keep several phone numbers on record. We also accept email work requests.
  • Centralized Billing: Receive just one bill for our services to avoid confusion and keep your finances organized.
  • Real-time Management Reporting: Check the state of your work requests to monitor orders in Little Rock and elsewhere. In your account, you will find all the essential information along with real invoices.
  • Account Management: We will assign you a National Accounts Manager dedicated to your business, who will act as your single point of contact for all your locations.
  • Priority Response: When you call or email for a service, as a national business repair accounts member, you automatically move to the top of our list. This means you never need to wait long for a glass repair, replacement, upgrade, or maintenance service.
  • Emergency Services: Our specialists are available 24/7 to repair your glass in an emergency. Our mobile glass shops provide fast attention to secure damaged storefronts and doors. Once again, as a member of the program, you will receive priority attention.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Little Rock for more information about our national business repair accounts. Even if your business is based in just a few locations, you will benefit from the program.