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Clear Choice Protectant

Cleaning the bathroom seems like a never ending chore. No sooner are your surfaces shining, then hard water, soap suds and dirt begin staining the sink, countertops and toilet once again. However, there is a solution to your problems: Clear Choice™ protectant from Glass Doctor® of Lincoln. The treatment repels water and oils, preventing mineral deposits. Not only does Clear Choice make cleaning easier, it also reduces the need for harsh chemical cleanings and keeps your bathroom looking stunning for longer.

Clear Choice Uses

Clear Choice protects glass, granite, porcelain, tile, and the other silica-based surfaces throughout your home. A specialist from Glass Doctor of Lincoln will apply the patented product to all the appropriate areas of your home to protect your pieces from scratches, stains and damage. One application of our glass treatment can last for up to five years.

Advantages of Clear Choice

Invest in Clear Choice to remove the busy work from your life. Count on Clear Choice to deliver:

  • Fewer cleanings but better results
  • Reduce mold and bacteria
  • Make surfaces resist scratches, stains, etching and impact
  • Make surfaces look glossy

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Lincoln for your free consultation to discuss how your home would benefit from Clear Choice glass treatment.