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Clear Choice Protectant

Glass Doctor® of Lexington will protect every pane in your home with our Clear Choice™ glass treatment. From bathrooms and kitchens to outdoor furniture, Clear Choice is the right choice for all glass and solid surfaces throughout the home.

How it Works

Hard water stains, environmental pollutants and simple scratches will all dull the look of your glass and solid surfaces over time. A single application of Clear Choice glass treatment from a Glass Doctor of Lexington specialist will add a layer of protection to your surfaces that will make water, dirt, and debris roll off more easily while also making them more resistant to scratches.

The ultra-smooth barrier will also help restore older surfaces. The result is fewer cleanings, less mold growth in wet areas, no hard water stains and a beautiful surface that shines. Clear Choice is also environmentally friendly and safe to use on outdoor surfaces or areas where children and pets play.

Where to Use Clear Choice

The Clear Choice system is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Try it on your granite countertops and stone sinks. Apply a layer to your tub and toilet and enjoy fewer cleanings and a streak-free finish. If you're tired of wiping down your glass shower doors and tub enclosures after each use, an application of Clear Choice will spare you the extra work as soaps, oils and water stains will become a problem of the past.

Go beyond those rooms and try Clear Choice on your patio furniture and say goodbye to dull, muddy tabletops. Keep your glass coffee table and side tables looking like new for years instead of becoming scratched and stained after years of use. Best of all, Clear Choice will make dirty rainwater roll off your window panes and leave behind a clear view.

Get Clear Choice Today

To learn more about how Clear Choice glass treatment will make your life easier, arrange a visit from a Glass Doctor of Lexington specialist. Call or schedule an appointment online today!