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Storefront Doors

Your entryway provides your store's first impression. To attract attention and draw customers to your door, the image it presents should be clean, modern and beautiful. At Glass Doctor® of Lehigh Valley, we understand that storefront glass care is vital to operating a successful business. When we repair and maintain your doors, windows and other entryway components, we take care to do it right. When you need an upgrade, our specialists design and construct a storefront that gives your business the look you want. We use only quality glass products, and we guarantee our workmanship.

Storefront Doors

Your entryway door is an essential element of your storefront presentation. We offer a wide selection of commercial doors to ensure that the door we install for you is attractive and appropriate for your business. You choose your door based on your needs. We offer simple entryway doors for light duty or sturdier models for heavy use. We design your entryway with coordinated windows and doors. When safety is a factor, we offer door customization with bulletproof, fire-resistant, tempered and other glass options. For a personal touch, we professionally etch your entryway with important company details.

Security Film

Security film enhances your existing windows with additional safety, security, and energy saving benefits. Glass reinforced with security film is difficult to break and prevents unlawful entry. Security film prevents injuries when an impact occurs. Broken shards stick to the film instead of scattering across your floor where they can cause damage or injury. Tinted security film minimizes the influx of heat and damaging sun rays. This barrier action reduces interior climate control costs and saves you money on energy.

24-Hour Emergency Services

At Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley, we understand that emergencies occur 24 hours a day. We meet your storefront glass care needs by responding when you need us, every day of the week. Repairing or replacing your glass and restoring your building keeps your business safe. It minimizes delays and lost profits caused by delayed service. We arrive and clean up dangerous debris, then secure your premises by boarding up any openings. We complete your repairs at your convenience.

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At Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley, we are serious about professional storefront glass care because it's relevant to your business. We also offer door closer services, windows security upgrades and a wide variety of storefront maintenance, repair, and installation services. Visit our appointment page to schedule your free commercial consultation or call us at 888-516-8133 for additional information.