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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

p>There's no better way to instill elegance in a room than with the addition of custom glass furnishings in your home. Custom glass tabletops and shelves will add elegance and style to your dining room, all while preserving your furniture's condition and making cleaning an even easier task. Glass Doctor® of Lehigh Valley will build custom pieces that reflect your design ideals.

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Take Advantage of Our Glass Expertise

The Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley team will measure and fit custom panes to suit any table. We can retrofit bases or add a glass overlay to your favorite custom piece. The use of customized glass tabletops are perfect for several different applications, including:

  • Writing desks
  • Coffee tables
  • Tables in the dining room
  • Tables in the conference room
  • Antique furniture

Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley provides many customization options, such as the choice of different finished edgings, shapes and sizes. To determine what options best suit your unique needs, consult with our glass specialists today.

Custom Shelving

There's no better way to improve form and function than by using custom glass shelves. Custom glass shelves add to the functionality and look of your home or business that store-bought options simply cannot. The use of custom shelving allows you to choose from several style choices. There are design solutions that are as effective as custom shelving. At Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley, we will assist you in creating customized shelves for any room. Our specialists will provide you with professional advice regarding these shelving options:

  • Style and design
  • Height and configuration
  • The number of shelves
  • The distance required between shelves
  • Glass, tinting and color choices

Extra Protection

We offer a free professional consultation, during which glass specialists will guide you through the process of choosing the best custom glass for your home or business by assisting you with options such as:

  • Edgework detail
  • Glass thickness
  • Glass tint
  • Potential safety issues

To add extra protection to any glass piece, we recommend using:

Tinted glass: Protect your furniture from fading over time by using colored glass to block harmful UV rays.

Safety glass: Specialty glass is required for patio furniture, poolside furniture and other types of outdoor furniture. We offer the ability to use custom measured safety glass, such as laminated glass and tempered glass. These types of safety glass will help prevent injuries in the case of glass breakage.

Don't settle for basic store-bought furnishings. Nothing that compares to a custom glass shelving or tabletops to create a spectacular and eye-catching look. Our custom pieces will improve the aesthetic appeal as well as the function of any space in your home or business. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley for a free consultation today.