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Lehigh Valley

Custom Glass Solutions

Adding glass decor is a great way to perfect your home's design. Our team of glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Lehigh Valley have the professional knowledge and expertise to help you choose and install the perfect custom glass tabletop, doors, shelves and mirrors. In addition to having glass solutions to improve the aesthetic beauty of your home, we also have low-emissivity glass, which protects furniture, fixtures and home decor from UV damage caused by the sun's rays. For us, providing you with the perfect glass solution for your Bethlehem home is a matter of professional pride.

Glass Tabletops

Whether you want to add the finishing touches to a new table or upgrade an antique piece, we have the expertise to help. Our glass tabletop solutions are wide ranging in size, shape and features. We will also take the time to analyze your table to determine how much glass weight it can bear for optimal safety.

Glass Shelving

Adding shelves is a great way to improve an interior design and make full use of otherwise wasted space. The beautiful glass shelving we provide will be fully customized to perfectly flow with the rest of a room's design features.

Custom Mirrors

In addition to being an invaluable tool to have around the house, a well placed, perfectly designed mirror offers unique style benefits. In addition to looking amazing, a mirror can also increase the brightness of a room and make it feel bigger. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley will design and place your custom mirrors in a way that optimizes all of these benefits.

Patio and French Doors

Enhance an entryway or complete a hallway with a great looking glass door. Our glass specialists restore and replace door to make entrances feel grand and welcoming. Consider adding decorative side panels to a front entrance or upgrade glass efficiency in your patio door. We will discuss the various door glass options to meet practical and style desires.

Safety Glass Options

Glass breaks happen. To minimize the safety risks in the event of broken glass, we offer tempered glass for all of our glass products. When broken, this glass shatters into tiny, less harmful pieces; this is especially critical for you to have if there are pets or children in your Bethlehem home.

Low-E Glass Windows

We suggest low-emissivity (Low-E) glass for your home for the same reason an optometrist recommends sunglasses for your eyes: It offers protection from the sun's damaging UV rays, while still allowing you to clearly see through the glass. This thin metallic coating reduces light transmission by about 10%; it is an excellent solution to every Bethlehem business and home.

Add Glass Decor Today

Contact us today to get the perfect glass solution for your home or business. We answer online requests in a timely manner and schedule your appointments at your convenience.