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Lehigh Valley

Auto Glass Care

A crack in windshield glass is distracting at best, and can seriously damage the integrity of your windshield at worst. Thankfully, Glass Doctor® of Lehigh Valley provides extensive auto glass services to Bethlehem, Northampton and its surrounding cities. We replace and repair windshields, mirrors, sunroofs, side windows and back glass.

Windshield Care

The technology of auto glass is far more sophisticated than it used to be. No matter your vehicle's make, model or year, our glass specialists take into account built-in radio antennae, rain and humidity sensors and temperature gauges. Our glass specialists in Bethlehem will repair most small cracks or chipping within 30 minutes. We complete your insurance claim paperwork, and your insurance will typically cover the repairs, meaning you pay nothing.

We're proud members of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), and we train our specialists to follow all industry best practices and safety protocols when installing auto glass. This includes only using adhesives that meet industry standards, and only using glass that matches the quality of the original equipment manufacturer.

Auto Glass Replacement

Tempered glass has been an important development in glass safety in recent years. While laminated glass breaks into shards, tempered glass breaks into small chunks that reduce the chance of injury. Most modern vehicles use tempered glass for the sunroof, back windshield, quarter glass and passenger windows.

Because of how tempered glass behaves, it can't be replaced. Our glass specialists will replace this glass, completely and swiftly. We provide consultations, and give clear and accurate price estimates before conducting any replacements.

Auto Glass Protection

Each windshield we replace comes with a Clear Choice™ glass protectant. Clear Choice protects glass from scratching. The treatment reduces the buildup from staining, mineral deposits, weathering and pollution. Clear Choice keeps your windshield clear during inclement weather, increasing your vehicle's safety.

Don't wait to repair your cracked or chipped windshield. Contact the most trusted glass company in Bethlehem, and we'll make your vehicle safe again.