Advance Measurement System

A broken window at your business property can be much more than a simple annoyance. When your building's security or your customer's safety is at risk, minutes mean money. Your Bethlehem company needs emergency help fast, which is exactly what Glass Doctor® of Lehigh Valley will provide.

Our team understand your predicament, so to enhance your protection more we offer an Advance Measurement system designed to proactively care for your panes.

Stay Prepared for Emergencies

Once you enroll in our Advance Measurement system, our trained crew will come out to take detailed notes about your glass. We'll catalog every piece, assign unique numbers to the panes and record them in a diagram of your property. We'll document each panes size and shape and we'll also include other details such as the type of glass and the shade of any tinting. 

This Advance Measurement system will translate into speedy response when you've got a problem. When glass shatters in your office, just call us with the pane number. We'll pull out your diagram and know exactly what to do. The Glass Doctor of Lehigh Valley team will load up the glass, tools and materials you'll need and be quickly on the road to your rescue anywhere in Bethlehem.

Even if your window is a unique size or made of specialty glass prone to frequent break, that's no problem. Owners have the option to join our In-Stock plan, which assures we'll always have plenty of replacements for your emergencies.

Benefits of Preparation

Our Advance Measurement system assures that our experts arrive at your building prepared to resolve every issue. There's no need for an assessment period or even a trip back across town for the right materials. A fast, efficient repair is all you need. And that's all you'll get. When your company uses our system, your customers won't experience a board in place of that picturesque window in your storefront, and your employees won't have to worry about spending long periods in an uncomfortable, unsecured building. 

Further still, signing up for the system means your billing and credit information are already in our system. There’s no need to worry about payment during an emergency.

Signing up for our Advance Measurement system is as simple as a phone call. Don't wait for an emergency; let us prepare you today!