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Clear Choice Protectant

Maintaining and cleaning your hard surfaces will be easy when you invest in the Clear ChoiceTM protectant. Although it is well known as a glass treatment, Clear Choice is an outstanding protectant for every hard surface in your home, from glass shower doors to stone countertops. You can trust Glass Doctor® of Island County will provide all of your hard surfaces with professional applications of Clear Choice. We will make sure that you gain all of the benefits that this wonderful protectant offers.

Amazing Benefits of Clear Choice Protectant

Our exclusive treatment creates a cleaner and more beautiful environment for home, business and vehicle owners. Experience the benefits after a single application. Clear Choice will defend your hard surfaces from:

  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Chemical contaminants
  • Dust
  • Debris
  • Oil

    Make Cleaning Easier

    Clear Choice will make your hard surface naturally resistant to mineral deposits, hard water and other contaminants. Clear Choice glass treatment will seal your hard surface against contaminants that would normally stick to it. This means that instead of scrubbing, you can wipe debris away. In addition to making it easier for you to clean your hard surfaces, Clear Choice will reduce how often you need to clean. This is because Clear Choice forms a barrier between your hard surface and contaminants that would normally stain. This means that it takes much longer for residue to build up and require cleaning.

    Enhance Your Surface's Durability

    With clear choice, your hard surfaces will remain beautiful longer than ever before. The barrier clear choice forms around your hard surface goes beyond merely preventing it from getting dirty; it also protects your hard surfaces against scratches, environmental damage and other forms of wear and tear. Clear Choice protectant is an invisible, smooth barrier between your hard surface and everything else. This means that by its very nature, Clear Choice will enhance the beauty of your hard surfaces while it protects them.

    Lasting Affects

    A single application of Clear Choice will last for years, so you won't have to worry about getting your treatment redone after your Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, specialist applies your treatment. The benefits offered by Clear Choice do not come at the expense of the environment. That's because this glass treatment is environmentally friendly.

    Protect Your Hard Surfaces

    Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, is an exclusive provider of the Clear Choice protectant. To get your hard surfaces the protection they need, give us a call and schedule your appointment today!