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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

When you get a new windshield from Glass Doctor® of Langley, we want you to have peace of mind it will serve you well. Our windshield replacement guarantees were designed to give you the confidence of your pane protection as you drive. Every customer enjoys 12 months of free protection! For a more comprehensive guarantee opt to level up to one of our other plans available for purchase.

Windshield Replacement Guarantees

The G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Our basic windshield replacement guarantee is included at no charge when we install your windshield. This free 12-month plan provides for unlimited repairs to the windshield or covers the cost of a replacement windshield pane. You must pay for labour and the installation kit if you require windshield replacement service.

We will always opt to perform repairs to restore clarity and safety to the windshield. This is done to save you money and time. Repairs made to the glass will not void the remaining period of your guarantee.

G12 Future Installation Program

If you would like to purchase more coverage, Glass Doctor of Langley provides a more inclusive optional guarantee called the G12 Future Installation Option, for an additional fee. This gives you all the advantages of the free G12 Road Hazard Guarantee, plus the cost of windshield installation labour and materials are included. If replacement service is required, the remainder of the guarantee is void.

G12 Value Package

For supreme protection against the cost of future windshield replacement, opt for the G12 Value Package. For a small fee, in addition to unlimited repairs and a single replacement, you will get a set of new windshield wiper blades and a professional Clear Choice™ glass protectant. application. Clear Choice keeps your windshield crystal clear during adverse weather conditions and adds scratch resistance to the pane.

Coverage Details for Windshield Guarantees

Every one of our G12 windshield protection packages lasts for a 12-month period. Our guarantee covers damage caused by normal road conditions. Damage caused by a crash, collision, vandal, thief, fraud or act of God is not covered. Buses, Class A motor coaches, class 7 or 8 heavy duty trucks and some additional larger vehicles not covered. To use your coverage, report your claim to the Glass Doctor shop which originally installed your windshield. A Glass Doctor specialist must complete any work performed as part of the guarantee.

Glass Doctor of Langley specialists replace windshields according to industry best practices and our own high standards for safety and performance. Enjoy 12 months of free windshield replacement guarantee coverage with our complimentary G12 Road Hazard guarantee, or if you like, purchase one of our optional 12-month guarantee packages.

Some exclusions may apply.