Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

One of the best-kept secrets of British Columbia is that the climate here is quite moderate; we rarely have below-freezing temperatures. In Abbotsford, for example, we have an estimated 285 days of sunshine annually. Sunshine can lift our spirits, but the ultraviolet light (UV), especially the UVA rays, can do too much damage. That’s why savvy homeowners are applying window tint.

Window Tint for Curb Appeal

You know that when it comes time to sell your home, upgrades can be a deciding factor for buyers. Your glass professionals at Glass Doctor® of Langley are trained to check windows and doors for energy leaks and recommend repairs or renovations that will preserve or enhance the curb appeal of your home. If, when you think of window tints, you think of those dark blue bubbly pieces of plastic in car windows, you need to know there have been many innovations in tinted window film materials! Your glass colour can be as attractive and subtle as your wish.

Window Tint Protection for Your Family

When your family or employees are exposed to direct sunlight regularly, their skin eventually shows skin damage. “Window film will help prevent sunburn and skin cancer, as well as . . . exposures that accelerate skin aging over time,” says The Skin Cancer Foundation. Most glass windows block UVB rays, but the most penetrating, damaging rays are sunlight UVA rays. “Combining UVA absorbers in varying strengths, the transparent films are available from clear to dark tints,” according to their publication. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as the best sun shield for car, home, and office.

Security Films for Added Safety

Window tint can reduce air leakage and improve comfort, according to Most importantly, it can act as a security film if breakage occurs. The broken glass shards will cling to the film, lessening the risk of injury to children or pets. It also forms a protective barrier that can prevent additional damage from vandals or weather.

Glass Doctor of Langley

If you’re renovating or building new this year, request a free, onsite walkthrough with Glass Doctor® of Langley. Our trained professionals can explain how the process of window tinting can save energy and lower sun damage to your carpet, drapes, furnishings – and people! Call 604-427-2888 or contact us to learn more about window tinting for your home, office or vehicles. If you have an older home or your interiors feature antique framework, we can also match glass and mirrors to conform to interior period pieces. Your Glass Doctor of Langley interior design specialists live in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, New Westminster, Surrey and surrounding areas, so we are motivated to give you the best service at the best possible prices!