Let Us Fix Your Panes This Allergy Season

grass field, hay fever

Allergy season got an early start in B.C. this year and while spring is always a welcome site after our cold winters, if you suffer from allergies its arrival often means misery more than merriment. If you decide to fight pollen and mould allergies by staying indoors, you may find little relief there, especially if your home's windows are single pane or were installed more than a decade ago.

The Window-Allergy Connection

If you have seasonal allergies, they can have an incredibly negative impact on your daily life. Your windows may be contributing to your allergy problems. The condensation that gathers on the inside of single-pane windows rolls down the glass and pools along the bottom of the window frame, promoting mould growth, and mold is a mortal enemy to allergy sufferers.

Rethink Your Allergy Solution

Allergies can be managed with some simple changes to your home, starting with old, leaky windows. The Mayo Clinic has some great tips for allergy-proofing your home:

  • Close windows and use your air conditioner during pollen season
  • Clean condensation and mould from window frames and sills
  • Use double-pane windows, especially if you live in a cold climate

We know about quality double pane windows and are confident our insulated glass units (IGUs), which are proven to reduce mould growth and keep out pollen. New windows will help reduce your allergy issues.

How Double Pane Windows Help

Because of the way double pane windows are constructed, the unit will help stop mould growth before it happens. Where single panes allow condensation to form, double pane windows do not, and the resulting reduction in mold can significantly improve your allergic reactions. Double pane windows also keep pollen from entering your home, but only when the unit is properly sealed. If you feel a draft from a broken seal, you can be sure pollen is also making its ways indoors. A good quality seal will help reduce or eliminate the allergens that enter your home.

If budget is a concern, you don't need to replace all your windows at once. Have new double pane windows installed in the rooms you use most, especially bedrooms and family or living rooms.

If you want to spend more time enjoying spring than fighting it, make an appointment with Glass Doctor® of Langley today to discuss all your window replacement options.