Home Window Care Maintenance During Winter

Winter weather is when your home's insulation is subjected to its most rigorous test. Old, worn-out windows are a significant source of heat loss for many homes. Warm, climate-controlled air escapes through them, and cold air gets in. This makes your home much less comfortable, and dramatically increases your heating bills. By taking good care of your home's glass, such as by replacing old windows and quickly fixing any broken glass, you'll keep your home comfortable all winter long.

Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are carefully sealed with a space of air between them. This air is very insulating, and causes less heat to escape your home through its windows. Some insulated glass units, or IGUs, may even have krypton, argon or another noble glass between the panes, to further improve their insulation. By upgrading your home's glass to double pane windows, you'll make your home far more energy efficient and comfortable, all year round. And because these windows are highly desirable to home buyers, you'll greatly increase your home's resale value.

When Your Windows Become Foggy ...

Some homeowners who install double pane windows notice that their windows start to look foggy or dirty over time. This is because of seal stress. With time and temperature changes, the windows' seal may break, letting in condensation. This isn't just unsightly: it damages the quality of your windows' insulation. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Langley will perform window glass repair or replacement on just the window's panes, to restore its insulating qualities and make your window look its best again.

Window Glass Repair and Replacement

Your home's glass is extremely vulnerable. And windows' closing or latching mechanisms may become damaged, making the window hard to open and close and creating a real headache in winter. We provide window glass repair and replacement services to all our customers, including on an emergency basis. Call Glass Doctor of Langley day or night, and we'll arrive ready to perform window glass repair on the spot. If we need a custom pane of glass to do the job, we'll order the pane, sweep up the shards and board up the area. From there, we'll make a follow-up appointment at a time that meshes well with your schedule, to complete the repairs.

Your windows bring light and beauty into your home, but most critically they keep out the elements. The quality of your glass determines the value of your home, its insulating qualities, its comfort levels and the cost of your heating bills. By investing in double pane windows or other insulated glass units, you're making an investment in your home. But you'll also reap the rewards of lower heating bills for many winters to come. Contact Glass Doctor of Langley to make an appointment with one of our glass specialists, so you can learn how brand new windows can make a real difference in your home this winter.