Increase Home Energy Efficiency

Purchasing an older B.C. home offers a wide range of benefits. Many people love living in older homes because of their history and character. If you've been looking for a home and aren't impressed with the cookie cutter designs in modern communities or you're finding newer homes are beyond your budget, an older home may be a great option. You won't find a new home with the unique details and materials that numerous older homes offer.

However, one of the biggest downsides of many older homes is the windows. Older windows simply aren't as energy efficient as their newer counterparts. Additionally, when you purchase an older home, you run the risk of facing other issues with older windows, such as broken frames. New windows aren't cheap, but they greatly increase the energy efficiency of a home. You'll enjoy lower heating and air-conditioning bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Glass Doctor® of Langley offers double pane windows to boost energy efficiency in older B.C. homes. Our experienced glass specialists install new windows the right way the first time around to prevent broken seals and other problems that may stem from poor installations. Our insulated glass units (IGUs) help balance and regulate your interior climate. In the winter, the windows cut down on heat transmittance while in summer, they decrease heat gain from the outside, maintaining a constant temperature in the home all year round.

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are another popular option for Langley residents. Low-E windows function as sunglasses for the home, reducing glare and filtering out hazardous UV rays. The reflective glass features a thin metallic coating to decrease visible light transmission by about 10 percent. In addition to controlling the interior home climate, Low-E is also key to preventing damage from sunlight. Your furniture, draperies, carpets and other valuable belongings are less likely to fade and age prematurely.

Glass Doctor of Langley specialists work closely with our customers to install the best double pane windows for their homes. We complete a full assessment for each customer so you have an accurate estimate before we begin working. Whenever possible, we'll install glass replacements in existing window frames. You'll save time and money by not replacing the entire windows, and you'll get to retain the beautiful older wood in your home.

To learn more about double pane windows and other window solutions for older homes, reach out to Glass Doctor of Langley today. We serve Langley, New Westminster, Surrey and the surrounding areas and are happy to arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience. Fill out our online request form or give us a call at 604-427-2888.