Window Repair & Replacement Services in Lake City, FL

The Glass Doctor® of Lake City team knows windows play a huge role in your overall energy usage. If your windows aren't properly sealed and shaded, you may pay extra to keep your home comfortable. Fortunately, our specialists are trained to handle damaged and outdated glass with prompt, friendly repair and replacement services.

Window Repair

Emergency Window Services

Broken window glass exposes your home to injury risks, weather damage, outside intruders and other unwanted security risks. As soon as your glass gets damaged, call us for an emergency window glass repair. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day to repair damaged glass or clean up shards and board up the exposed opening. 

Double Pane Window Repair

Insulated glass units (IGUs) make your home more efficient, but only if the seal is intact and the moisture-absorbing spacer is doing its job. Our specialists repair double and triple pane windows that show signs of broken or compromised seals. Instead of replacing the whole unit, we remove and replace damaged panes before restoring your airtight seal.

Window Component Repair

Our specialists also repair broken locks, balances, latches and other essential window components and hardware. Our attention to detail guarantees you will be able to operate every window and door with ease.

Home Window Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Lake City, we want your home to be as attractive and efficient as possible. Whether your windows are broken, cloudy or inefficient, consider our window glass replacement services.

Window Glass Upgrades

Upgrade your unprotected windows with low-emissivity (Low-E) windows, which are designed to prevent temperature transfer and energy waste. Our glass specialists will also replace your panes with double or triple pane IGUs, which limit noise, heat gain and condensation buildup.

Broken Window Replacements

After we board up your broken glass, we will order an exact replacement and install the new pane as soon as possible.

Other Glass Services

At Glass Doctor of Lake City, we care about the condition and appearance of your glass. Improve your curb appeal and reduce your future expenses by taking advantage of our other glass services.

Window Tints and Films

Reduce your energy costs and protect your upholstery with glass tinting that resists UV rays, glares and heat gain. We also offer security film that prevents your glass from shattering and leaving sharp shards inside your home.

Hydrophobic Glass Coating

Our exclusive glass protectant keeps your glass shiny and easy to clean by shielding it from scratches, grime, stains, water, dirt, mineral deposits, and other signs of everyday wear and tear. One coat of our hydrophobic coating glass protectant lasts for up to five years, and it works on your porcelain surfaces as well.

The Advantage Plan®

Sign up for our Advantage Plan to receive membership discounts on future repairs, a complimentary home inspection, and a guarantee that covers damage to the glass we install.

Custom Glass Repair & Replacement

Of course, our specialists will also repair your custom glass decor and other specialty glass installations. If you want to update your entryway, ask us to replace your door glass with new inserts that match the condition and custom features of your window panes. If you have a crack in your patio table, we will design and install a custom replacement complete with umbrella hole and stylized etching.

No matter you glass service needs, count on the Glass Doctor of Lake City team for every service. Contact us today for more information about our glass services.