Storefront Doors

The exterior of your business significantly impacts the impression customers make of your business. From a new customer approaching for the first time to a long-time repeat customer arriving to discuss a recent order, the condition of your storefront glass doors and windows has an effect on their impression. The team of glass experts at Glass Doctor® of Lake City has the experience and resources to handle all of your storefront glass care. We repair and replace storefront windows and doors the right way the first time around to keep your establishment looking its best.

Storefront Doors

Glass Doctor of Lake City specialists repair and replace storefront doors with ease. We also offer a wide range of decorative storefront doors to cater to the distinctive style of your business. Our high-end fire-resistant and bulletproof doors protect your business around the clock, guaranteeing it’s secure after hours. If you incur severe weather on a regular basis, consider investing in hurricane-impact safety glass. Tempered safety glass offers yet another layer of protection. Once you’ve selected your decorative door, personalize it with a company name, address, logo, slogan, hours of operation and more.

Security Film

Applying a layer of security film offers further protection for existing storefront doors and windows. In the event of glass breakage, the pane separates into large, safe chunks, eliminating the risk of people cutting themselves of sharp glass shards. You’ll keep your employees and customers safe without compromising your natural light. Security film shields your business from inclement weather and deters burglars and thieves from attempting a break-in while the business is closed.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Glass breakage often occurs when you least expect it. Generally, it’s not very convenient to arrange a repair or replacement at the time of the damage. Glass Doctor of Lake City understands the busy schedules local business owners keep and how these schedules make it difficult to schedule storefront glass care appointments. We accommodate the Lake City community with 24/7 emergency glass services. When you’re in need of storefront glass care, we’ll send a team out right away to clean up the area, board up the damaged window site, and arrange a time to install the new glass when it’s convenient for you.

Investing in new glass doors and windows ensures your business is protected around the clock and looks its best all year round. To learn more about Glass Doctor of Lake City storefront glass services or to set up an on-site consultation, give us a call at (386) 752-8363 or fill out our online request form.