Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Bathrooms provide unique areas of opportunity for renovations and remodeling. Modern styles call for clean lines with airy and light filled spaces. Installing a beautiful glass shower or tub enclosure creates an attractive focal point centering the room decor. Glass Doctor® of Lake City will help you create the bathroom of your dreams with a comprehensive line of heavy glass shower doors and tub enclosures. Contact our home glass specialists today and we will walk you through the entire process from design and budgeting to final installation and maintenance. We listen closely to your ideas and pay special attention to your needs and budget.

Before beginning with a new bathroom installation, Glass Doctor of Lake City carefully examines your property. We ask you to consider several important factors before choosing your new shower or tub enclosure. It is important to include structural and functional considerations when making your choice.

Things to Consider:

  • How your existing bathroom is constructed will help determine which shower or tub enclosure works best for your space. The construction materials and weight-bearing strength of your bathroom walls and floor will determine your glass shower doors and tub or shower enclosure options.
  • Function is an important consideration. You must consider the type and placement of shower heads when installing your new shower. It's important that the water be contained within the shower space and you should consider how water usage will affect your home water and sewage costs.
  • Accurate measurements are important to prevent problems during the installation process. Glass Doctor of Lake City specialists carefully measure your space before construction begins and provide you with an accurate estimate for materials and installation.
  • Good shower and bath ventilation is vital for protecting your home and your family's health. Without it, excessive moisture will damage paint and drywall. The excess humidity causes harmful mold growth, which can seriously impact your family's health. We will help you keep your family and home safe with a safety check for adequate ventilation.

Bathroom Improvement

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Glass Doctor of Lake City offers a range of special services to help you plan and design your new and improved bathroom spaces. Call us today for an in-home consultation to get started on your new bathroom. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you to creating your dream bathroom.