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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Spruce up your dining room with custom glass tabletops. A glass tabletop draws the eye and adds sophistication to your space. Glass Doctor® of Lake City designs, installs, repairs and replaces custom glass tabletops that are specially created to match your existing decor. There's no better way to preserve your furniture from damage, and you'll also make cleaning a breeze.

Our Expertise Is Your Advantage

Graphic of different glass edges

When you decide on a glass tabletop, contact us for a professional consultation. Our glass specialists have the knowledge and skills to measure and fit both new and replacement tabletops. Plus, we'll advise you about details like edgework, tinting and the glass' finish. We'll also educate you about the safety issues that can arise with some heavier glass tabletops.

Protect Your Furniture

Custom glass tabletops are perfect for protecting your furniture from damage. Save your dining room table from unsightly spills. Protect coffee tables and conference room tables from drinking glass condensation rings. Your pens won't scratch through paper to mark your writing desk's surface. And your antique furniture will look its best for years to come. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, to make your furniture truly yours.

For extra safety, we offer several custom glass options. Tinted glass will protect your furniture from harmful UV rays, which can fade your furniture over time. For outdoor glass pieces, such as patio or poolside furniture, consider safety glass. Safety glass such as tempered and laminated glass will shatter into blunt pieces rather than dangerous shards.

Custom Shelving

Custom glass shelves work well in any room. They cut down on your clutter while matching your space's unique style. We offer a rich range of customization options, to help you create a unique piece that's far superior to any mass-produced option. Choose a simple, modern look, or design an eye-catching piece with ornate edging or unusual shapes.

By designing your shelving for closets, kitchens and other spaces, you'll create the perfect organizational solution. We'll advise you on the various factors to take into account. For instance, style, tinting and color options create a unique ambiance. Carefully choosing your shelves' height and configuration will avoid wasting space. And by considering the number of shelves and the distance between them, you'll make sure everything fits and avoid overpowering your space.

Custom Glass Additions

When you want to create a signature piece, custom glass is the best way to go. It draws the eye and catches the light in ways other materials do not. Contact Glass Doctor of Lake City today for a free consultation. We'll educate you about your options and help you design the custom glass decor that will make your space stand out.