Door Closer Repair Service

When your doors open and close smoothly, customers feel more comfortable entering your business. Manual door closers ensure your doors will open and close fluidly. If your door closers aren't functioning properly, Glass Doctor® of Lake City will provide you with the door closer repair service that you need.

How Door Closers Function

Without a door closer, your door would swing randomly, and remain open if someone forgets to close it. Used primarily in commercial and office buildings, door closers use a mechanism that automatically closes the door once someone has entered or exited the building. The addition of a door closer ensures your clients enter and exit your establishment comfortably.

Problems Caused by Door Closer Damage

When a door closer is damaged, there are several serious issues that your business could face, including:

  • Liability issues: A damaged door closer can be hazardous because it can cause the door to swing wildly, potentially injuring someone.
  • Damage to your doorframe and door: When a door closer is damaged, it can throw your entire door off track. This sort of issue will cause the door to collide, ultimately causing damage to the door, the doorframe, or both.
  • Difficulty locking your door: Because a damaged door closer can throw a door off track, it can cause your lock to be out of alignment. If you cannot easily secure your door your security is compromised.
  • Additional door closer damage: Door closer damage often gets worse over time. For example, an improperly installed door closer can eventually cause your door closer to leak fluid.

Causes of Door Closer Damage

Door closer damage isn't inevitable, with proper care most types of door closer damage can be avoided. To avoid it, you must learn how to identify and avoid common causes such as:

  • Door misalignments: A misaligned door causes stress on your door closer that will eventually damage it.
  • Improper door closer installation: You should always have your door closer installed by a professional. Improper installation or the wrong choice of door closer will cause damage.
  • Lack of maintenance: Like anything with moving parts, your door closer must be properly maintained. Routine maintenance from a professional will help you avoid the need for untimely door closer repair.

Quality Door Closer Repair

Our door closer experts will make sure that your door closer is functioning properly. We will carefully inspect your door closer and provide you with the necessary door closer repair service. If your door closer is beyond repair, then we will replace it completely. If you need door closer repair service, contact Glass Doctor of Lake City.