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Custom Mirrors

Remodeling can be expensive undertaking, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for the same small spaces in your home. Custom mirrors and glass decor is a fantastic alternative for giving your home a totally new feel that is unique to your style and fits your budget. The Glass Doctor® of Lake City team specializes in creating glass solutions to revitalize your living space to make it more appealing and comfortable for your family and guests.

Mirrors Brighten Spaces

Opening Up Your Space

Mirrors have long been used to increase the sense of depth and space in the interiors of buildings. Properly placed, mirrors reflect the walls, ceilings and hallways in your home to give a feeling of openness in any room. Creating different styles and configurations with tiled or framed custom mirrors draws the eye to the contours of the architecture in your home. These strategically placed pieces accentuate the structure of your home to create a more open and friendly environment.

Let There Be Light

Getting good lighting into interior spaces can be difficult, especially in older homes built when rooms were small and electrical outlets were fewer. For centuries mirrors have been used to draw light into areas that would otherwise be left in shadows. You can use custom mirror designs to catch natural light from windows and spread it throughout the room. Or use desk mirrors and mounted mirrors behind your lamps to redirect their light to illuminate the whole room.

Custom Mirrors for Art Lovers

Mirrors are created with different shapes, sizes and tints, giving you a completely unique look in the finished product. Edging, finishing and frames accentuate the finished mirrors. This flexibility and creativity in material and style makes custom mirrors a beautiful addition to your collection. The true beauty of these mirrors is in their function. Mirrored shelves and hanging mirrors are perfect for showcasing your current collections. They provide a 360-degree view of standing pieces like sculptures and collectibles. Directed light from these mirrors will create gentle spotlights to draw the eye to your favorite pieces.

Magnificent Impressions

Making mirrors a focal point of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas creates a stunning sense of sophistication to the room. Large framed custom mirrors give a sense of elegance and vast openness. For dressing rooms, closets and entryways floor-to-ceiling mirrors provide a quick head to toe look while you're getting ready for your day. The expert consultants from Glass Doctor of Lake City will provide you a free in home consultation to discuss the mirrors that would best work in your space. We'll help you select from:

  • Framed mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Bedroom mirrors
  • Mounted mirrors
  • Mirrored shelves
  • Hanging mirrors
  • Mirrored wall
  • Mirrored backsplash
  • Statement mirrors

Give us a call at Glass Doctor of Lake City today to get started on making your home a better reflection of you with custom mirrors.