Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Lake City, FL

A crack in your front or back windshield, side mirrors, sunroof or windows are not just an unsightly inconvenience; this damage dangerously disrupts your view as you drive, impairing your ability to be at your very best behind the wheel. Get in touch with Glass Doctor® of Lake City to experience our exceptional auto glass repair and replacement services.

Auto Glass Repair

Damage to your windshield is an irritant every time you get into your car. Cracks and chips mar your pristine view and make you vulnerable on the road. A strong windshield is part of a strong car, windshields comprise 45% of the vehicle's structural strength in a collision and 60% in a rollover, and so damage should be dealt with swiftly.

Simple auto glass repair often fixes most windshield damage. Car insurance companies often cover repairs, meaning the work will cost you nothing. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Lake City repair the majority of cracks in an hour. To be eligible for repair instead of replacement, make sure the damage to your glass:

  • Does not occur in your field of vision
  • Does not occur on the edge of the windshield
  • Is no more than three chips
  • Is no more than three inches in length

Auto glass is not simply glass; it’s full of many features, including today's latest technology, such as radio antennae and sensors that detect rain, temperature, and humidity. These features also impact whether your auto glass is suitable for repair or whether replacement is required. Glass Doctor of Lake City has the expert knowledge and refined skills to repair damage in even the most complex of auto glass.

Auto Glass Replacement

Sometimes, the damage is just too extensive for repair. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Lake City will replace your auto glass quickly and efficiently. We have a wide variety of replacement options for windshields, windows, mirrors, and sunroofs; you can choose from a basic replacement to upgrading your auto glass to include more advanced features.

Our specialists will guide you through an individualized assessment in order to gauge what options best fit your driving needs. Each of our experts is knowledgeable of national standards for safe automotive glass repair and replacement. Glass Doctor of Lake City is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ and takes great pride in its sterling record of safe, expert auto glass repair and replacement.

Auto Glass Protection

Windshield replacement is protected by our Windshield Protection Plan. If you are looking for extra protection, or other services, such as glass treatment to protect your new panes from scratches and weather damage, Glass Doctor of Lake City specialists will guide you in choosing from the plentiful options. Schedule an appointment today!