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Storefront Doors

Before customers enter your store, they are already have formed an opinion about your business. It is critical your storefront makes a solid first impression. If you have cracked windows or a door stick when you try to open them, your building may be working against you and causing you to lose potential customers. At Glass Doctor® of Lafayette, we provide storefront glass care services that will help you create and maintain an inviting storefront.

Storefront Doors

Don't underestimate the importance of your storefront doors. Our highly trained glass specialists have the skills and experience to help you design and install a door that features decorative details that highlight your business. We also offer a variety of glass materials that will increase safety and security. Both bulletproof and fire-resistant glass options are available. If you live in an area that frequently experiences severe weather, you may want to consider investing in out hurricane impact glass. No matter what material you choose, your panes can be fully customized and outfitted with your company logo, hours of operation and any other pertinent information you wish to advertise on your storefront.

Security Film

Security film is a simple and inexpensive part of any storefront glass care plan that offers a variety of benefits. We offer a range of film colors, from transparent to heavily tinted. No matter the color you select, sunlight will still enter the building. Adding the film reduces glare and reinforces your building security. The film is tear-resistant, which means that if you experience a broken pane, the film will make sure that the glass stays in place.Not only does this make cleanup easier, but it will also help prevent injuries and keep you and your employees safe.

24-Hour Emergency Services

You must prepare for the unexpected. Accidents rarely happen during convenient times, which can make repairs difficult. Fortunately, Glass Doctor of Lafayette understands your needs and offers 24-hour emergency services. After one phone call, a glass specialist is dispatched to your business. We will make sure that any debris is cleaned up and removed and that your building is secured. Once your new glass is ready for installation, we will schedule a convenient appointment time and return to complete the repair.

When you take advantage of Glass Doctor storefront glass care services, you gain access to expert advice and craftsmanship that will help you improve curb appeal, and maintain your building. Whether you need to upgrade your existing glass, undergo some repairs design an entirely new facade, we can help. Call today to schedule an onsite visit with a glass expert.