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Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Lafayette is the solution to all of your business glass needs. We offer glass replacement, glass repair, emergency glass services, remodeling assistance, door closer maintenance and various upgrades for all types of businesses. Our Commercial Care program is designed for proactive business owners and includes discounts on emergency board-up services, priority after-hours response, exclusive membership pricing, commercial account services and a 15% discount on auto glass work reported by the property. Best of all, Glass Doctor of Lafayette provides around the clock service, so your business never misses a beat.


Restaurants have special glass needs; Glass Doctor has several years of experience catering to those needs. Some of the most common services are:

  • Glass repair 
  • Glass replacement
  • Plate glass installation
  • Retrofitting buildings with specialty glass
  • Glass solutions to keep your restaurant open and operational

We provide consultations and service for tinted and decorative glass options, as well as sliding glass doors and atriums. When it comes to outdoor glass solutions, we have an array of safety and weatherproof glass. If you are looking to bolster the customer experience, check out our selection of sneeze guards for buffets and drive-up windows.  

apartment windows

Retail Businesses

It's vital for your retail location to have attractive and functional glass on the storefront and throughout the location. We have mastered innovative ways to save you money on glass repair and replacement for all areas of your business, including dressing room mirrors, glass shelving and display cases. If you are looking to save money on energy costs, ask our experts about our low-energy options. Choose from a variety of glass enhancement options to add intrigue to your business:

  • Etched storefronts
  • Stained glass
  • Bulletproof and fire-resistant glass

Condominiums and Apartments

If the windows on a condo or apartment are sub par, it greatly decreases the curb appeal and value. Instead of suffering this plight, Glass Doctor of Lafayette offers a wealth of glass repair and glass replacement options for restoring the beauty and attractiveness to the property. Whether you need assistance with windows, patio doors, sliding doors, mirror products and beyond, we have you covered. We also have experience installing resilient safety glass for gyms and pool areas. As an added benefit, you can pass a 15% on auto glass work to the residents of the property. 

Motels and Hotels

No one wants to stay in a hotel or motel with broken windows or mirrors. Instead, trust us for all of your glass repair and replacement needs. Our specialists have experience adding decorative wall mirrors to enhance a small room. We also retrofit bathrooms with frameless, heavy, or framed shower doors. Plus, add luxury to workout centers and pools with functional safety glass and mirrors.

Schools and Universities

Whether your facility needs one-way observation glass, tabletops, glass desktops or renewed classroom windows, we have the solution. In addition, we offer dynamic display cases for trophies and several solutions for bolstering building safety, such as protective glazing and fire-resistant glass. 

Municipalities and Cities

Change the way your city operates with commercial glass repair and replacement services. Save money and time by adding or retrofitting low-energy and low maintenance windows. We provide multiple options for newly constructed buildings. We can also expedite purchase orders.

When you need a job done right, contact Glass Doctor for glass repair services. We offer upfront pricing, expert service and convenient scheduling for all your needs. Contact Glass Doctor of Lafayette today for more information.