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National Accounts Program

When running a business, your time and resources are always on a budget. It is important to be certain that the investments you make are consistent and beneficial for your company. For those who have a wide-ranging need of quality glass services across Canada and the United States, we offer the following benefits of being a Glass Doctor® of Kitchener-Waterloo National Accounts customer:

Discounted Volume Pricing

Clients who are enrolled in our National Accounts program receive a considerable discount off of Glass Doctor services, ranging anywhere from 10 - 30%.

Nationwide Standard Pricing

Glass prices can fluctuate greatly depending on the location and competition. With our National Accounts program, our customers are assured that they will be charged the same affordable price, regardless of where they are located.

Centralized Billing and Dispatch

When working with several different locations, it can be challenging to juggle a variety of vendors. Our centralized billing and dispatching eliminates unnecessary work, and simplifies your records. Although Glass Doctor services are offered in over 250 different locations, there is a single dedicated toll-free number and billing address for you to work with.  

Order requests can be made by phone or email - whichever fits best with your workflow.

Real Time Management Reporting

Your online account as a National Accounts customer stores your invoices, account information, and keeps you up to date on any current work requests.  

Dedicated Account Management 

Our clients have a single point of contact through their account manager, making it a simple endeavor to follow up with questions, concerns or specialized orders.

Priority Response 

Delays in your company translate into reduced efficiency and frustration - the National Accounts manager offers an additional benefit of priority response to your business needs.

24/7 Emergency Services 

Glass emergencies do not always occur during normal business hours. With our 24/7 emergency services, you can be sure that your glass needs will be met, regardless of the time or day. Once notified, Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo specialists will quickly arrive at your business location and secure your property.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits attached to having one of our National Accounts, contact Glass Doctor of Kitchener-Waterloo. Our specialists will give you valuable information on the services available to you, making sure that your business needs are always met.