Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

Social media has provided potential clients with the chance to find out about your services in detail before they decide to pay your business a visit. Coupled with ever more choice, businesses are under great pressure to improve if they want to continue to attract new customers. A simple way to dramatically improve comfort, and therefore positive feedback, is to focus on your windows. Rely on services from Glass Doctor® of Kitchener for a customized solution.

What Hotel Guests Want from Windows

A hotel room with a view is always desirable; it adds another level of enjoyment to the stay. Make the most of your surroundings with large, attractive windows in a style that complements the style of the room. You may like to consider, for instance, French windows or a sliding glass door leading to the balcony.

Other features you can add to your hotel rooms to improve appearances include custom mirrors, tabletops and shower doors. Simple additions keep an economy room cozy, whereas more deluxe custom decor can bring an element of luxury to the stay.

Helping Patients Heal with Your Hospital Windows

A favorable atmosphere in hospital rooms improves comfort for your patients and may even contribute to faster healing. As patients spend almost all their time in a single room, windows are key, providing a view to the outside to lighten spirits. The right windows will also better control indoor climate and allow plenty of daylight to enter rooms.

Window Tint

A fast and inexpensive way to enhance panes is with window tint. Applied to your current glass, window tint protects furnishings from fading, reduces glare, and strengthens glass. Plus, if you panes suffer any damage, the glass will break into large chunks, preventing an injury.

At Glass Doctor of Kitchener, we offer a range of services from window to insulated glass units. Our solutions reduce noise, lower energy bills, and decrease maintenance needs. Contact us to find out more about improving the windows in your business.