Double Pane Windows and Allergies

Spring ushers in warmer temperatures, but it also brings some unwanted pollen and mould. This can cause itchy, watery eyes as well as coughing, sneezing and other symptoms that turn a beautiful spring day into an allergy-filled headache. In Canada, allergy season starts with tree pollen in April and May and grass allergies in June and July. As if that weren't enough, mid-summer also brings mould blooms. You may stay inside in an effort to avoid the problem, but many windows don't offer enough protection from these outdoor aggravations.

Alleviate Allergy Symptoms 

To alleviate allergy symptoms, the Mayo Clinic recommends installing double pane windows, especially in colder climates, to guard against mould and condensation. Glass Doctor¨ of Kitchener will install beautiful insulated glass units (IGUs) to help protect you from allergens while increasing the value of your home. They're proven to reduce mould growth, reduce condensation between panes, and keep grass and pollen out of your home.

Stop Mould Growth

With single pane windows, condensation forms between the panes as seals fail and moisture gets trapped. This damp environment promotes mould growth. A double pane window is securely sealed and designed to prevent condensation and mould from forming. This improves your indoor air quality and decreases the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Block Pollen

If your window unit isn't properly sealed, outdoor air and pollen can reach the inside of your home even when you close your windows. Our specialists will reseal your windows to restore the barrier between outdoor pollen and the inside of your home.

Choose Quality Double Pane Windows

If your home already has double pane windows, they may not adequately stop mould and pollen if they're old or have suffered damage. Particularly if you notice a problem, such as a foggy appearance, obvious damage, or outside air that you're able to feel through the closed window, call our specialists today. We'll fix your seals and damaged windows or replace your windows if needed. Most people spend the majority of their time at home in their bedroom, so starting with these windows will have the quickest impact on your allergy symptoms. Make an appointment with Glass Doctor of Kitchener today for a free consultation. Our specialists will check for signs of damage and give you options on how to improve your windows as well as your allergy symptoms!