Clear Choice Protectant

Surfaces get dirty quickly, which is why so many homeowners spend their free time using potentially harmful chemical cleaners to scrub these surfaces clean. Fortunately, we provide another option in the form of our Clear Choice™ glass treatment. Clear Choice can be used on any surface in your bathroom, including your countertops, sinks, windows, toilets, glass shower doors and more to help keep your bathroom surfaces clean and beautiful.

Ask Glass Doctor® of Kingman to apply Clear Choice to make your home's surfaces more repellent to water and oil, which in turn makes them much easier to clean. Because less water and oil will stick to your bathroom surfaces, it will diminish the hard water stains, waste products or soap scum that tend to get left behind.

Protect Your Investment

Your home's surfaces are no longer an after thought when it comes to interior design. Most homeowners put a lot of effort into creating a home design that is comfortable and relaxing. To do this, they use beautiful materials, such as glass, porcelain, tile and granite, to create a calming and luxurious bathroom space. However, those beautiful materials won't look quite as pristine if they become covered in hard water stains.

By having our Clear Choice glass treatment professionally applied to your home's surfaces, you'll prevent hard water stains from diminishing the aesthetic of your space. A single application will also help to make your glass resistant to water stains and scratches. Not to mention that it's easy to clean.

Clear Choice glass treatment works by creating a protective barrier on silica-based surfaces, and a single application will last upwards of five years. Treated surfaces will be protected by Clear Choice against:

  • Hard water
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Mineral deposits
  • Weathering

The Benefits of Using Clear Choice

After using Clear Choice, it hasn't taken long for smart homeowners to understand how Clear Choice restores, maintains and protects bathroom surfaces from hard water stains, environmental pollutants, mineral deposits and weathering. By using Clear Choice to protect your bathroom surfaces and build up their resistance to water and oil, your bathroom surfaces will:

  • Be easier to clean
  • Require less frequent cleanings
  • Become more resistant to stains, scratches and impact damage
  • Resistant to hard water etching
  • Experience a glossier look
  • Become more environmentally friendly

Be sure to retain the beauty of your home's bathrooms by using our Clear Choice glass treatment. Protecting the beauty of your home's surfaces for up to five years is as simple as scheduling an in-home consultation with one of our Glass Doctor of Kingman today.