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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors have an enormous impact on interior design, especially when they are made to fit your space. Glass Doctor®of King of Prussia, PA specialists create custom mirrors that match our clients' specifications. When you work with our team to create a custom mirror, you are in control over the size, shape and style. Consult with our team to understand the benefits of adding a custom piece to your room.

Mirrors Enhance Every Room

No matter where you place a mirror, it will always add some feature to the space. Some mirrors are meant to increase light, others depth and still others decor. Consider what you hope a custom mirror will add to your space.

Create a Sense of Depth

In small rooms, mirrors form the illusion of a greater amount of space, especially when they reflect natural light from windows. To achieve this benefit, our team recommends large frameless mirrors added to your walls. In the kitchen, a tiled backsplash is attractive and original; it will trick the eye into seeing more counter space.

Highlight Top Features of a Room

If you want to draw attention to particular features, such as collectibles or artwork, a custom mirror is a great solution. Our specialists will advise which tint and edge options will complement your possessions. If your belongings sit on a shelf, you may like to consider replacing the shelves for mirrored glass, which will provide a better view of the items from every angle. For framed art, photographs and large items, a hanging mirror on the opposite wall is very effective.

Add Light to a Dark Setting

In rooms with little to no natural light, you can increase illumination with the simple addition of a mirror positioned to reflect light from a window. For the evenings, as well as rooms without windows, a mounted mirror near an artificial light source, such as a lamp or lantern, will enhance light. These techniques are perfect for dark corners and for increasing light in rooms you use often.

Function and Aesthetics

Mirrors have the advantage of offering function and beauty in a single piece. A large framed mirror is useful and attractive in a bathroom or behind a headboard in a bedroom. Another possibility is a full-length mirror in a closet or hallway, which gives you the chance to examine your outfit before you leave home.

Whatever mirror you dream up, our team can create. Working with Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA ensures you'll be happy with the final results. Find out more about your customization options during your free in-home consultation. Fill out our online form to schedule your appointment today!