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Auto Glass & Windshield Care

Auto glass is a key component of your vehicle. It protects you from bugs, rocks and debris. It provides a view of what lies ahead. But, most importantly, it plays an important role in your automobile’s structural support, keeping you safer when accidents occur. These benefits are compromised when your glass is damaged, which is why it's crucial to fix cracks and chips early.

Luckily, Glass Doctor® of King of Prussia, PA offers a full array of auto glass repair services to meet your needs.

Windshield Care

Cracks and chips in your windshield may seem minor, and you may even be tempted to ignore them at first. Sooner or later, however, they are sure to expand, spread and obstruct your view of the road. They can also compromise the structural integrity of your car, truck or sport utility vehicle.

If you notice a crack or chip in your windshield-even if it is small-you should contact Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA immediately to get it fixed.

Glass Doctor specialists are able to repair the vast majority of chips the size of a dime or smaller and cracks the length of your thumb or less in about one hour. Every specialist is highly trained, using only proven tools and techniques to ensure that your windshield is fixed quickly, professionally and at a price that does not break the bank. In addition, specialists from Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA will handle all of your insurance paperwork, making the entire process stress-free and easy for you.

Repair is always the first option, but sometimes the damage is simply too severe to be fixed. In these cases, replacement is necessary. Our specialists always use glass that matches your automobile’s manufacturer recommendations. This ensures your new windshield will have features that match your original windshield, such as rain and humidity sensors and electronic features such as radio antennas.

Put simply, Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA is dedicated to fixing your windshield right every time.

Auto Glass Replacement

Other glass on vehicles, such as sunroofs, windows, quarter glass or back windshields, are made to shatter if hit. Our auto glass repair specialists are able to replace these panes, so your car is restored. Count on Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA cares for all the glass on your vehicle.

Auto Glass Protection

When you choose Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA to perform your windshield replacement, you will drive stress-free for a year after installation. We include a G12 Road Hazard Guarantee with every windshield replacement. If at any time within 12 months of being installed your new windshield is damaged, Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA will fix the problem. We will perform repairs for free and, if necessary, even purchase a replacement windshield. Ask our specialist to apply Clear Choice, which helps make your auto glass more resistant to scratches, water stains and mineral deposits.

The Glass Doctor auto glass repair experience is designed to protect you, your passenger and your auto glass from the dangers of the road. Contact our specialists today for all of your auto glass repair needs.