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Jackson, MI

Clear Choice Protectant

After you have installed a new feature in your home, it looks fantastic. The problem is keeping your fixture pristine, which often means vigorous scrubbing. There is a better solution than harsh chemicals and cleaning. Clear ChoiceTM from Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MI, will shield your surfaces from everyday grime and wear, ensuring they look better longer. Our treatment will protect your most vulnerable surfaces, enabling you to maintain a stunning appearance.

Advantages of Clear Choice

Beyond improving the appearance of your home, Clear Choice ensures your fixtures stays clean for longer by reducing mold and bacteria growth. You will clean less often, and your reliance on harsh chemicals will be drastically reduced. Our glass treatment makes surfaces impact resistance, too. By reducing staining and etching, Clear Choice increases the longevity of furnishings.

How It Works

Our specialists will apply our the treatment to any surface you want to protect. A single application repels oils and water for up to five years. The result is an attractive sheen on your surfaces, improving aesthetics as a whole. Clear Choice is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, although it can be applied to a variety of different materials. The treatment works on tile, porcelain, granite or glass.

Add Clear Choice Today

Reduce hard work but keep your home sparkling with a coat of Clear Choice. Contact Glass Doctor of Jackson, MI, for a free in-home consultation to discuss how our glass protectant would be beneficial for you. Plus, after you install a new tub enclosure or shower door, make sure to ask one of our specialists about protecting your investment with Clear Choice.