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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

You should never gamble with your life, but when you drive without an intact windshield, you do exactly that. Windshields protect your car and passengers during rollover and collision accidents, which is why you should address chips and cracks in the glass as soon as you find them. Glass Doctor® of The Gold Country offers quick, affordable windshield repair and replacement service. We follow all of the Auto Glass Safety Council's standards to the letter, and cover all new windshields we install with a year-long windshield replacement guarantee.

Your Windshield Replacement Guarantee Options

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The G12® Road Hazard Warranty

This free warranty applies to all new windshields our team installs. If your windshield is damaged within the next twelve months, we will perform all repairs, and one replacement, without charging you for the glass.

Windshield repairs are cheaper, quicker and better for the environment than replacements, which is why we do everything in our power to repair damaged glass. We encourage you to bring in your car as soon as it is damaged, because the sooner you address windshield damage, the more likely we will be able to repair it.

The G12 Future Installation Plan

For an extra fee, you may upgrade your warranty to the G12 Installation Plan. Not only will we not charge you for the glass when you repair or replace your windshield, but you won't have to pay for other materials or labor costs. All repairs within the next 12 months will be free.

The G12 Value Warranty

Our most extensive windshield replacement guarantee covers everything the G12 Future Installation Plan does as well as a new set of windshield wiper blades. We will also throw in a free coat of Clear Choice™, a protectant that will strengthen your windshield against damage and help it shake off rain and ice. Whether you're facing road debris, a blizzard, or a tropical storm, your car will be safer with a coat of Clear Choice.

Coverage Conditions

Our warranties only apply if you get your windshield fixed at a Glass Doctor shop. You may order the repairs from any of our locations, but you will need to inform the store where you had the windshield installed to have them corroborate your coverage. All of our windshield replacement guarantees last for a year. None of our guarantees cover vandalism, natural disasters, fraud or damage from car collisions. We also do not cover buses, class A motor vehicles, heavy trucks of classes 7-8, or other heavy vehicles.

We are committed to giving our customers options. The G12 Road Hazard warranty applies to all of our customers, and we offer additional windshield replacement guarantee plans to make sure that you find a policy that's right for you. Fill out our online form today!

Some exclusions may apply.