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Clear Choice Protectant

If you have beautiful glass and other expensive surface materials in your Gold Country area home, it’s vital to protect them. Over time, unprotected surfaces will become dull and difficult to clean. Eventually, deterioration can result in high repair, refinishing or replacement costs.

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of The Gold Country offer you the option of protecting your glass and other fine surfaces with an application of Clear Choice™ Glass Protectant. Our exclusive surface treatment adds a clear, shining finish to surfaces. One application will create a molecular barrier that repels oils, hard water and other damaging materials.

Protect Your Investment

A gleaming recycled glass countertop, a stunning tile backsplash or a custom shower or bath enclosure can suffer surface damage due to soap, cleaners and hard water. Most household surfaces, including stone, glass and tile, are tough, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Even daily use can leave behind chemicals, minerals and other impurities unless guarded by our surface protectant.

Clear Choice is a groundbreaking, patented technology developed to protect all types of surfaces while increasing the shine. Our surface treatment repels water and oils, causing liquids to bead up similar to a treated windshield. In addition, a single application of Clear Choice will eliminate the need for scrubbing, making most chemical-based cleaning products obsolete.

All smooth surfaces, especially glass, contain microscopic imperfections. Bathroom enclosures and kitchen countertops endure daily exposure to oils, hard water and detergents, making them more susceptible to damage than other surfaces. A single application of our Clear Choice treatment system fills in surface irregularities, providing better resistance to potential damage.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Following an in-home consultation, our specialists will expertly apply Clear Choice to any surfaces you choose to protect. A single surface treatment provides a lustrous, yet protective barrier on glass and other surfaces that lasts up to five years. The treatment also makes surfaces resistant to stubborn sticky materials, ensuring that wiping away dirt and grime won't take much effort. Instead of a weekly cleaning marathon using various, often harsh cleaners, cleanup; is as easy as spraying down or wiping a surface with hot water and wiping it dry with a clean cloth.

Here are several Clear Choice benefits:

  • Clear Choice dries to highly glossy, yet invisible finish
  • One application reduces cleaning effort by up to 90-percent
  • It resists damage from UV rays and solar heat, stains and impacts
  • One treatment restores surface shine by up to 20 percent
  • It reduces bacteria and mold development and growth
  • Clear Choice offers 10 times the liquid repellent power of other protectants
  • It eliminates the need for abrasive or chemical cleaners

Call the glass and surface specialists at Glass Doctor of The Gold Country for your own in-home consultation and more information on the benefits of protecting the glass and other fine surfaces in your home with a Clear Choice surface treatment. We never fail to provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service, up-front pricing and skilled workmanship.