Shower Door Installation

Custom shower doors and tub enclosures create an instant impression of luxury. Bathroom designs featuring frameless glass shower doors transform and enlarge your space, allowing lighter into your shower area while presenting a cleaner, clearer image. The Glass Doctor® of Jackson, AL team will create this luxurious space in your home. Our glass experts are qualified to conduct a variety of custom shower improvements and remodeling projects. Our professional skills enable you to create, design and build the dream shower you’ve always envisioned.

Enhance Your Space

Installing custom shower doors builds equity in a property. Plus, frameless shower doors eliminate mildew-collecting curtains and traditional track channels that are magnets for gunk. We replace them with custom showers designed to make cleaning a breeze.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

We offer a beautiful selection of shower doors and glass enclosures, which enable you to design and build the bathroom space you’ve always wanted. Our specialists assist you every step of the way to decrease the stress and confusion that typically accompanies home renovations and remodeling projects. Use our resources to develop your idea and better understand the ordering and installation processes:

Professional Workmanship

Our glass experts conduct remodeling work by combining years of hands-on experience with extensive industry know-how. However, to speed the process, we ask you make some preliminary notes.

Knowing the basic size and lay-out of the structural elements in your bathroom, such as facets, shower head and water pipes is beneficial. And although in older homes it’s often difficult to determine, having a good idea about vertical stud placement and electrical wiring beforehand is also useful.

Additional Preparations

When you schedule a free in-home consultation, our specialists take detailed measurements to assess the feasibility of your design. For example, adequate ventilation is required to prevent mildew growth on drywall surfaces and interior supporting structures must be able to bear the increased weight.

Our experts perform an extensive examination to limit construction delays and surprises. Moreover, we provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate. If additional work is required once we’ve started, our glass professionals explain the situation and get your approval before proceeding, so you are never shocked by unanticipated expense.

Contact Glass Doctor of Jackson AL today to get started on your bathroom remodeling project. A custom shower door guarantees a beautiful transformation.