Home Window Tinting

Windows are vital components of any home, but they can also create problems such as heat buildup, excessive glare and increased energy costs, especially during a blazing summer in the Jackson. Give your home, business or vehicle the advantages only window tint or security film can provide! The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Jackson, AL, offer years of experience in every facet of residential, commercial and automotive glass tints, films, repairs and replacements.

Tinted glass is made by adding coloring agents, typically green, gray, blue or bronze, to molten glass. The percentage of light transmittance can vary from 14% to 83%, depending on the density of color and the glass thickness.

Home Tinting

The glass windows in your home impact its energy efficiency, your family's safety and even the condition of your decor and flooring. Window tint not only protects fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors from damaging UV rays, it deflects outside glare and helps keep the interior cooler during the summer. Security film provides the same protections, with the added benefit of preventing a broken window from shattering and scattering sharp glass shards into the room.

Glass tinting and decorative films aren't limited to windows, both processes add visual impact or increased stability to glass shower enclosures, cabinet doors and tabletops. Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, is proud to offer a wide range of patterns, textures and colors in both tints and films.

Business Protection

An application of security film on the glass surfaces in your business location offers a layer of protection against dangerous breakage from natural or human threats. Our experts will custom-fit protective film on whichever glass surfaces you choose, ensuring interior glare reduction and a clear view of your entryway.

Automotive Uses

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, our specialists will work with you to choose a window tint or custom-cut film that fits your style and needs. Protective window tints or films keep the interior of your vehicle safe from UV rays while reducing glare and heat buildup.

Quality Window Tinting

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, always offer the highest level of customer service and an up-front price estimate for all of our traditional and custom window tint and film services. Our team is available when you are for a personal, on-site consultation for all of your residential, commercial or automotive glass needs. Call us now or fill out an online order request form.