Double Pane Windows

When you live in a climate where you are exposed to frequent temperature fluctuations, your home is exposed to greater stress. The weather extremes cause discomfort and set into motion a cycle of window wear and tear. As your window seals deteriorate, they allow extreme temperatures to enter climate-controlled air escapes. Your heating and cooling systems must work harder and that costs you money. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Jackson AL has the solution. We recommend double pane windows, a type of insulated glass units (IGU), which is designed to save you money by protecting your home from weather extremes.

You may already have double pane windows, but if they are older, double pane window replacement can eliminate the problems they cause. Aging windows become a primary source of temperature exchanges, which lead to increased energy bills. The warning signs that suggest you might need window glass replacement are usually noticeable: deteriorating seals, glass with a milky appearance or condensation between the panes.

Choose Insulated Glass Units

double pane window

Glass Doctor of Jackson AL recommends insulated glass units because they make good on these simple promises.

  • Multi-plane windows reduce heat transference.
  • The windows reduce noise pollution.
  • IGUs save you money on heating and cooling costs.

IGUs are constructed to provide a hard-working layer of insulation that helps you maintain the comfort level you desire.

IGUs are Built to Perform

Manufacturers construct IGUs using at least two pieces of glass separated by an insulating spacer. For moisture absorption, some spacers are filled with desiccant. For heightened condensation resistance, some spacers are constructed using warm-edge technology.

Once assembled, glass panes are joined with a high-quality sealant, which further reduces the chance of condensation accumulation. Some manufacturers also inject argon or krypton gas between the panes to enhance the insulation abilities.

Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Jackson AL we are proud to install high-quality double pane windows, but we offer economic double pane window solutions as well. When possible, our glass specialists will save you money on your installation by installing a new IGU into your existing frame.

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Keep the frame, replace the glass.