Door Closer Repair Service

A front door that looks great and operates smoothly is essential to making a great first impression. Door closer care from Glass Doctor® of Jackson, AL, is the perfect way to provide good customer service from the moment someone enters your building so their experiences are memorable for the right reasons.

The Role of Door Closers

A door closer makes a door simpler to swing open. The mechanics within the door closer automatically close the door without any force required. With the right door closer care, a user will feel slight resistance when opening a door, but the door should not feel heavy. After the initial resistance, a door easily swings open. When an individual releases the door, it gently returns to its frame.

Signs that You Need Door Closer Care

Incorrect Installation and Lack of Maintenance

It is always best to hire an expert to install a door closer and provide regular door closer care. Maximize a door closer's lifespan by calling a specialist to perform repairs. The glass experts at Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, receive comprehensive training regarding the correct installation, repair, adjustment and maintenance of door closers to prevent misalignments, damage to doorframes and unexpected door movements.

Incorrect Door Closer Installed

The right door closer for a door depends on the door's weight. Installing the incorrect door closer poses safety risks. Such a situation may also cause unnecessary damage to the door or door closer, as well as result in misalignments.

Locking Difficulties

A poorly installed or maintained door closer might make a door difficult to lock, posing a significant security risk. Without prompt attention, you may need to repair the doorframe, door closer or locking mechanism.

Broken Seals and Lubricant Leaks

The clearance gap that you see when a door closer's seal breaks might make the hardware vulnerable to damage and lubricant leaks. If you notice lubricant leaking from a door closer, it may have mechanical damage or cause a door to open too quickly. When a specialist from Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, performs door closer care services, he or she will always ensure that it's properly lubricated.

Door Closer Care and Maintenance

Never attempt to maintain or repair a door closer on your own. Doing so, particularly on a newer device, might accidentally void an active warranty. The experts at Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, receive exhaustive training so that the door closer-related services that they provide have safe, reliable results.

Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, proudly serves businesses in Butler, Chatom, Thomasville, Grove Hill, Jackson and the surrounding area. We invite all Clarke County businesses to participate in our door closer maintenance and repair program. Contact us today for more information.