Clear Choice Protectant

Extend the lifespan of any pane with Clear Choice™ glass treatment exclusively available through Glass Doctor® of Jackson, AL. Hard water stains will diminish the aesthetic of your home's glass, granite, porcelain and tile over time. Clear Choice will be professionally applied by one of our Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL, specialists to help protect those surfaces from hard water stains. A coat will make them more resistant to scratches, stains and water, which ultimately makes them easier to clean.

Protect Your Investment

Clear Choice glass treatment can be used on every surface of your bathroom, including tub enclosures, shower glass doors, countertops, sinks, toilets, windows and more. Typically, keeping these surfaces clean can be a tricky task and often requires the use of harsh chemicals and lots of hard scrubbing. Clear Choice makes life easier by making these surfaces more water and oil repellent. This, in turn, reduces hard water stains and scum that collect on bathroom surfaces, making them easier to clean and keep clean. An application of Clear Choice helps form a high-tech shield that will create a protective barrier on silica-based surfaces. This barrier will usually last upwards of five years. Some of the common issues Clear Choice will protect against include:

  • Environmental pollutants
  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Weathering

Benefits of Clear Choice

Smart homeowners will quickly realize the benefits of Clear Choice glass treatment. One application will restore, maintain and protect practically every type of surface. Homeowners notice a bounty of benefits when Clear Choice protects their surfaces:

  • A reduction in the amount of mold and bacteria that is able to grow
  • An increased resistance to stains, scratches and damage caused by impact
  • Better prevention against hard water etching
  • A reduction in the frequency that cleaning is required
  • A more environmentally friendly bathroom
  • Glossier surfaces, which helps to improve the bathroom's look and feel

It doesn't take much to keep your bathroom looking beautiful. All you need to do is schedule a short visit with one of our glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL. Be sure to ask for a Clear Choice glass treatment when ordering new shower doors or tub enclosures. Clear Choice is available at all participating locations, so contact us at Glass Doctor of Jackson, AL today for a free in-home consultation.