Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor® of Jackson AL repairs and replaces all types of auto glass for a variety of vehicles. Our specialists swiftly repair your cracked windshield or replace shattered side windows. We work closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction and to restore the clarity of their auto glass.

Windshield Care

A windshield is a critical component of your car, truck or SUV. It supports the structural integrity of a vehicle in the event of a front-end collision or rollover accident. Our glass specialists repair most small chips and cracks within an hour. Typically insurance covers minor windshield repairs, which mean you don't have to pay a cent for the work. The Glass Doctor of Jackson AL staff even takes care of the insurance paperwork for the job. When we install new windshields, we keep modern windshield features such as rain sensors and radio antennas in tact. During a windshield replacement, we guarantee your new windshield will match the original glass and restore pane clarity, regardless of the make or model of the vehicle.

All of our glass specialists are trained in industry best practices to guarantee safe auto glass care. These practices include using industry-approved adhesives and replacing windshields with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass.

Auto Glass Replacement

Tempered glass is a key aspect of passenger safety in modern vehicles. In order to prevent the glass from breaking into shards and injuring the passengers, tempered glass separates into small, safe chunks on impact. As tempered glass is constructed to shatter safely when hit, a full replacement is required following a vehicle accident. Many modern vehicles feature tempered glass for passenger windows, quarter glass, sunroofs and back windshields. When you're in need of auto glass replacement, our team provides an initial price estimate and comprehensive consultation. As we work with most major insurance carriers, we assist our customers through the entire repair or replacement process, including making a claim.

Auto Glass Protection

Every Glass Doctor of Jackson AL windshield replacement comes with our personal guarantee. The G12® Road Hazard Guarantee offers basic protection from wear and tear, but for an extra fee you can upgrade your coverage to include new windshield wipers, labor costs and Clear Choice glass treatment. The addition of Clear Choice will make your windshield resistant to water stains and scratches. A single application shields the glass from weathering, mineral deposits and environmental pollutants. Maintaining a higher level of visibility in inclement weather results in a better driving experience.

Customers come back to Glass Doctor of Jackson AL time and time again for our accurate upfront pricing estimates, qualified glass repair experts and flexible scheduling. To learn more about Glass Doctor of Jackson AL or to set up an auto glass care appointment, contact us today at 251-262-6441.